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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my motto – In 2 weeks you’ll feel it, in 4 weeks you’ll see it, in 8 weeks you’ll hear it.

Sustainable results means that the new acquired knowledge and habits you’ve learned whilst working with me will not only help you to stay in shape in the LONG RUN, but ALSO to keep progressing as long as you apply the information you’ve learnt and the skills you’ve adopted. None of my clients have ever regressed and that is something I stand for. 

A bespoke training programme to suit your individual needs. Personalised nutrition coaching to fit your lifestyle & routine! Ongoing accountability through formal weekly check ins and feedback! Weekly adjustments to your specific programme when needed! Access to my personal whatsapp where you will have support from me daily when needed! 1–1 Calls if stuck & most importantly the knowledge to last you a lifetime!

The goal of the program is to get you the results you deserve in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible so you never have to hire another personal trainer again. My goal is to cut the fluff in the industry and educate you in the process so you achieve LASTING results.

You have my support on a daily basis. I am here whenever you need me through my personal WhatsApp. 

Do not worry. Many clients I train online are completely new to training in general let alone online training. I take time to educate my clients and teach them proper execution of the movements/exercises. There is no need for you to be fearful of computers – I will adjust it all to WhatsApp when really needed. I tailor everything to individual needs. I work with clients as young as 19 years old to the eldest at 70 years young.

Yes, if you implement the plan and check in weekly. I’ve got a 100% money back guarantee if results are not achieved.

A minimum of 90 days! The longer one commits to seeing results the better I learn about their body and what works for them. Any short term transformation programs we see online or in the gym inevitably end up with unsustainable results and potential metabolic maladaptations. 

I customize your workouts as per the equipments/equipment available. To be honest, my approach is totally different to the standard one. I’ve had clients who lost 20+ kgs from nutrition alone with ZERO gym work.

I believe that’s the purpose of online training – you can train whenever you want and wherever you want, not bound by time or trainer availability. I provide you with everything you need to achieve the results, no matter where you are in the world. And believe you me – I competed in physique whilst travelling the world as an Emirates Cabin Crew. I have many tricks up my sleves that’ll guide you to travel with nutrition and getting workouts done!

My promise to my members is that you will never turn down a social event! My 1–1 online coaching promotes a flexible dieting approach. We might limit a few things but we’d never completely cut you pleasures out. The only exception to this is if it’s causing problems and / or you have medical conditions that need to be taken care of. Alcohol on the other hand is a toxin and I will never promote this. Having said that, let’s just say some of my clients don’t cut it out and still get phenomenal results.

Absolutely! In fact – If you scroll through my social media accounts I’m all about the truth in the fitness industry. If you start the program with me, you’ll NEVER need another trainer again. I’ll guide you from day one. Layering things brick by brick until you’re fully up to speed to achieve your desired results. Plus, the results will be significantly faster and better if you are a beginners.

They call me the health coach for a reason – I’ve invested HEAVILY into my education. So, I can come to my clients’ assistance from every angle. Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Hormonal Imbalances, Thyroid Issues, Gut Issues, Diabetes & Insulin Resistance – You name it, and I’ve got you covered.

Amazing! All you have to do is complete the sign up link HERE and we’ll arrange the consultation form for you 🙂 It has all the information that we need to get you strapped – anything else, we then liaise through my personal whatsapp.