Twisting Arch-Up

1. Lay prone over a support that allows your torso to hang freely when it is set at the crease of your hips.

2. Begin with your torso hanging, hips bent to 90-degrees.

3. Anchor your feet down (have someone or something hold them in place), interlock your fingers behind your head, and pull your elbows behind your ears.

4. Feel your shoulder blades pinch together and your upper back muscles engage.

5. Now twist your torso 90-degrees to the right and pull against your foot anchor to raise your torso as high as possible.

6. Maintain the twist and arch your spine as you lift past parallel.

7. Your right elbow should be facing the ceiling as you rise up.

8. Pause at the top in your best twisted arch (right elbow facing behind you at full range of motion), lower back down with control, and alternate sides for reps.


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