Split Clean

1. Position the bar over the knot on your shoelaces but not touching your shins.

2. Setup with your feet in a shoulder width stance, toes pointed out slightly, and your hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

3. Drop your hips and drive the chest up while looking forward.

4. Keeping the bar close to your body, begin to push the floor away and shift your knees back.

5. As the bar passes your knees, shift your knees forward into a power position with your torso upright.

6. Explosively jump straight up and shrug the bar aggressively.

7. As the bar passes your shoulders, split the feet into the typical jerk finish position and rotate your elbows around the bar until they are facing forward.

8. Catch the clean on your shoulders in the front rack position with your hands outside of your shoulders.

9. Reverse the movement by rotating the elbows back around the bar, unbending the elbows, and catching the bar at the crease of your hip before lowering to the floor.

10. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


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