Single Arm Overhead Reverse Lunge

1. Start with a kettlebell sitting between your feet.

2. The correct starting position requires you to bend your knees and push your butt back. Maintain your gaze straight ahead as you swing the kettlebell between your legs.

3. Use your hips and knees to drive through, bringing the kettlebell up to shoulder level with your wrist facing forward as you get into a slight squat position.

4. Push upward and press the kettlebell up over your head.

5. Once you have the kettlebell locked overhead, drop into a reverse lunge by extending the leg that is opposite the arm holding the weight, while you flex your knee and use your hips to lower your body. The knee in back should be lowered until it is just above the level of the floor.

6. Use your hips once more to get your torso back to an upright position.

7. Alternate your legs and arms, doing 12-15 repetitions on each side.


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