Seated Single Arm Arnold Press

1. Set up for the exercise by getting an adjustable angle bench and setting the back to 90 degrees or by using a military press bench.

2. Grab a dumbbell and sit down on the bench with the end of the dumbbell on your thigh, holding it in your left hand.

3. Use your thigh to help you raise the dumbbell to shoulder height, and twist so that the palm of you hand is facing your body.

4. The dumbbell should now be positioned directly in front of your left shoulder. Your back should be flat against the back rest and your feet firmly planted on the floor for stability. This is the starting position for the exercise.

5. Keeping your eyes facing forwards, slowly raise the dumbbell in your left hand above your head while turning your wrist so that your palm is now facing forward (away from your body).

6. Keep raising the weight until your arm is almost fully extended.

7. Do not pause at the top of the movement, and immediately begin lowering the dumbbell back down to the starting position – twisting at the wrist until your palm is facing your body once again.

8. Repeat for desired reps, and then repeat the exercise using your right arm.


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