Seated Chest Press

1. Sit comfortably on the machine with your feet placed firmly on the floor about shoulder-width apart. If this is your first time using the machine, place a lighter load on the weight carriage. If your machine has an adjustable seat height, ensure that the setting allows your arms to push at a horizontal position to the ground when your arms are fully extended.

2. Grasp the handles with a full grip, thumb circled around the handle, and maintain a neutral wrist position with your wrists in line with your forearms.

3. Push the bars outward to full extension but without locking out the elbow, exhaling as you press out. Keep your head steady against the upright pad and your neck still. You should feel significant resistance against the horizontal push.

4. Pause briefly at full extension, then allow the bars to return toward your chest and breathe in during this recovery.

5. Repeat for as many repetitions as called for in your program. Try different weights until you are able to push and release slowly for about 10 repetitions. The last repetition should always feel a bit difficult.

Try three sets of 10 reps. Start with less if you have to, always listening to your body to avoid injury. Rest for a few minutes between sets.


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