Reverse Leg Lift on Stall Bars

1. Begin standing facing a set of stall bars.

2. Be sure you are within one to two feet of the bars, fold forward into a pike, and lean your torso against them.

3. With your hands just outside your hips, grab the bar closest to them.

4. Grip tight and sink down until you can put all of your weight into your upper body.

5. Be sure your knees are completely locked and raise them straight up overhead to enter an inverted hang.

6. Keep your torso fixed, hang low through your shoulders, and lower your legs (knees still straight) back down toward the floor.

7. Hover your toes just off the ground, pull back up with control, and repeat for reps.

8. An alternative to the stall bar variation is to enter a headstand with your back flat against the wall.

9. Perform straight leg lifts in the same fashion keeping full torso to wall contact throughout.


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