Overhead Yoke Walk

1. Set the Yoke at a height a few inches below your bodies length with extended arms. You only need a few inches because you do not want the Yoke to swing unnecessarily while overhead.

2. Set your arms either with a wide or narrow grip, shoulders/scapula down, lats and lower trap loaded. Stand under the yoke in a squat with arms locked out above your head. Stand up slowly with control. Overhead squat it up, do not press it up.

3. Start walking. Take small steps with your feet straight. Keep your shoulders very active and engaged with internal rotation. Keep your core and glutes tight and continue walking. The heavier the load, the slower the walk and the smaller the steps. Do not walk with straight legs and try to avoid overly rotating the hips while walking.

4. Keep your hips active. Do not let your lumbar spine move excessively into lordosis. This will cause back pain.


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