One-Leg L-Hang

1. If you’re using two boxes, benches, or parallettes, set them up so that they are a little narrower than shoulder width apart. Stand between them and place your palms on each side so they’re under shoulders.

2. Straighten arms, lock elbows at sides, pull shoulder blades down and away from ears, and engage lats. Then, pushing down into palms, engage core lift legs (straight and together) off the floor until they’re parallel with (or close to parallel with) the floor.

3. Hold here, keeping knees straight, squeezing quads together tightly, pointing toes, and looking straight ahead to keep a neutral neck.

4. Aim to accumulate a total of 30 seconds of an L-sit hold per set, resting 10 to 20 seconds each time you drop. As you build strength, increase time to 45 seconds, and then 1 minute or more.


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