Negative Vertical Body Lever

1. Lie on your back with your grip on a fixed object overhead–the bottom rung of stall bars or a braced partner’s ankles work well.

2. Tuck your knees to assist with entering a candlestick position supported by your grip and shoulders, with legs extended upwards, glutes and core strongly contracted.

3. Straddle your legs wide, lock your knees, continue to press your hips strongly forward, and slowly lower your body to the floor.

4. As you lower, keep your body straight with posterior pelvic tilt (PPT). Do not allow your lower back to arch during the descent.

5. Do not allow your hips to pike at anytime during the movement.

6. Keep your arms comfortably bent.

7. Take a full ten seconds to descend and aim to touch down one vertebrae at a time.

8. Tuck back up to the starting candlestick position and repeat for reps.


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