Dumbbell Frog Pump

1. Lie on your back and the bring soles of your feet together into a “frog” (or “butterfly”) position, scooting your feet as close to your butt as possible.

2. If doing the exercise with just your bodyweight, you might try making fists with your hands and keeping your elbows on the floor, so your forearms are perpendicular to the ground. Using a dumbbell? Hold it on either end while resting it on your hips.

3. Next, draw your belly button down toward the floor to engage your midsection.

4. Press your lower back into the floor. Then, keeping your chin tucked into your neck, ribs down, and shoulders on the ground, press down into the floor with the edges of your feet and squeeze your glutes to thrust your hips toward the ceiling.

5. Pause at the top before lowering your butt back down to the floor with control. Repeat.


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