1. Start by lying comfortably on your side with your hips and shoulders stacked on top of each other. Use a foam pad or rolled-up towel for neck support if desired.

2. Bend your top leg and bring it toward your chest a little past 90 degrees and firmly grip it with your bottom hand. Drive bottom knee down and back, then reach down with your top hand and grab that ankle. If it’s too difficult to grab the ankle, use a towel or strap to hold and pull the leg backwards.

3. Relax and inhale then, while exhaling slowly, rotate your top shoulder back and down toward the ground.

4. Repeat for five to 10 breaths, rotating lower each time until your top shoulder reaches the ground (or as far as your range of motion allows).

5. Back off your shoulder rotation slightly and try kicking your bottom leg away from your handhold, moving your knee back and increasing the lower body stretch.

6. Relax your shoulder back down with two to three more breaths, then hold in that position for one to three minutes. It’s at this point that you want to allow your muscles to fully relax and your entire body to soften in shape. Let your breath flow easily and welcome the stillness.

7. Release your hands, roll to the other side and repeat the full sequence.


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