Looking to add some sneaky moves to your locker, and maybe look like Saenchai? You have clicked on the correct article. 

So, the side teep. This technique is widely used within Muay Thai to off balance an opponent. As you may already know, pushing an opponent off balance or onto the floor in Muay Thai scores very highly. 

This technique can be used as both an attack and a defence. You may be thinking what is the difference between this technique and a normal teep. Well, the beauty of this one is that it is more powerful and it lands at a much nicer angle. 

Effectively the way you throw this teep is by slightly jumping forward to help build momentum and power. If you time this right you can push an opponent back, keeping them away. 

Famous fighters like Saenchai utilize this one really well.

Click the video below to learn how to do it.



  1. Jump in with your rear leg

Your rear leg needs to jump forward and cover the distance. It is this leg that does the work and generates the power and timing. Make sure you keep this leg locked straight and solid so that you are balanced.

  2. Turn your lead leg in to a 45° Angle

Normally you would throw a teep with your leg very straight and direct to your opponent. However, with this technique make sure you turn your lead leg in slightly to that it is pointing at a diagonal. This will ensure the push kick lands at a nice angle. Make sure you don’t over turn to 90° and end up side on.

  3. Timing & synchronization

This step is really important. You need to make sure you time to hop and extension of your leg in sync to maximise power and momentum. As your rear foot lands on the floor, that is when you want your lead leg to be hitting the target. 

  4. Use your arm as a lever and for balance

Lastly, make sure you pull you arm down as you throw the teep. This is for two reasons. The first being that using the arms helps generate power and acts as a leaver. The second is that this arm also acts as your counter balance to ensure that you remain stable as you throw it!

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