Have you ever sat and thought, “I wish I could be Superman”? Well now you can! In this tutorial I show you the “Superman punch”. Putting the cool name aside, this technique is quite simple. It sounds very cool and flashy however there isn’t too much to it. This is just what it is often referred to. 

This technique is a killer when pulled off. I have seen many KOs using it. It is a very powerful strike and when used strategically with the fakes I show you in this video, you can cause some real damage to an opponent. 

The hardest part to master in this technique is the footwork. You need to make sure everything is in sync with good timing. Spend time nailing the fundamentals down to perfection before upping the power. 

Effectively all this is, is a jumping punch. You are using your body to create some extra momentum and power in the shot. There are many fighters who use this well, the main one being Damien Trainor. Check out some of his videos

2 Ways To Set Up A Superman Punch

  1. Faking a Teep

The first way I like to set up this strike is by using a teep. The reason this works so well is due to the way people defend teeps. They either catch or parry them. Both defences involve moving their hands away from their guard. This is when you can exploit this and and fake it to land the power shot. The way you start the technique involves lifting your leg at the start with is very much like a teep so it is an easy sell.

  2. Faking a Body Kick

The second technique is from a body kick. This one is very similar to the first one however it has a couple extra uses. The principle of how you do both is the same you lift your leg to sell the fake and then cock it back to throw the strike. The advantage of this one is it works well even if they defend. If they lift their leg to check the kick you often see that their guard will be quite open meaning the shot can land clean. I will often throw the kick at around 30% – 40% power just to get them to react and lift their leg, and then I fire through with the big power shot.

This also works well if they catch the body kick. You can use the momentum of you kicking your leg back to pull them into the punch. Them holding your leg will actually give you extra balance making the technique easier to land. I will do a video on this in the future in more detail.


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