Feeling a little tight every time you train? Picking up injuries?

We’ve all been there. Flexibility can play a big part in this. Especially if you are training hard and constantly pushing your body to the limits. It is important that you prepare your body properly before training. This means taking some time to stretch out. These aren’t your standard boring static holds that you see everywhere. These are dynamic stretches targeting the areas of use within your training. 

Take note of these and do them before each session. All you need is an extra 5-10 mins before every session to make sure you’re nice and loose and then you can get the most out of your session.

These are great for all types of training, running, bag work, pad work, etc. 

Here are 5 of the best stretches you need to try!

Stretch 1: Eagles

This stretch targets the glutes and lower back. 

Lower back pain is a common issue in Muay Thai and this is sometimes due to a tightness in other areas. Your back ends up taking the pain! This stretch is a great one to ease off before kicking and can allow some extra rotation!

Make sure you keep your shoulders flat and push your knee as far as you face as you can.

Stretch 2: Glute Bridge

This stretch targets the glutes.

With all the running, strength work, and kicking your glutes are sure to get tight! These holds are a great way to strengthen the muscle. Hold yourself at the top of the stretch and squeeze your glutes tight for 2-3 seconds each time. 

When these muscles are tight it can really slow you down and cause pain in other areas such as your lower back. It can also make you a lot less mobile which can become a problem in sparring! 

Stretch 3: Spider-mans

This stretch is often referred to as “The World’s Best Stretch”. It is so beloved because it pretty much targets every part of your body!

The main areas targeted are the hip flexors, glutes, thoracic spine, and obliques.

This combination of dynamic and static positions challenges the central nervous system. Connecting the body and the brain that is crucial to an effective session.

Stretch 4: Single Leg Raises

The main area targeted is the hamstrings. 

Hamstring tightness can play a big factor as to why you can’t kick high! It is like having someone pull you back. Having more elasticity within your muscles can also increase the power in your kick. 

As you do this make sure you keep your legs as straight as possible. If your hamstrings are especially tight make you don’t do the movement too quickly as this can cause a tear or injury. Ease yourself in and find the right speed. Doing things slower is often better as you can feel the stretch more

Stretch 5: Split Squat

The main area targeted is the hip flexors. 

Lastly the dreaded hip flexors, boy these can get tight!

Once these are tight you’ve had it, all defense goes out the window you cant block you cant counter quickly. With all the road miles, knees on the pads, and clinch work. They get worn down. Here’s a simple dynamic movement to loosen off 

This stretch is very similar to a lunge. Put one leg in front of the other, stay upright and slowly pulse up and down. Each time try to push your hip further forward into the ground.

So that is it there are 5 stretches to add into your warm-ups. Hopefully that can help you prevent some of those nasty injuries and get the most out of your sessions!

Have fun training!


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