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The busy mans answer to become the fit, stress free, confident man that you have always wanted to be. Ready to take on the world!

The fastest and smartest path for working men, regardless of their stressful busy schedule to strip body fat, get into fightin fit shape and find the long lost confidence they desire in as little as 90 days.

I'll guide you step-by-step to get back into killer shape and become the sef assured man you want to be.



I am a professional mixed martial artist that is signed with ONE Championship. I love sharing my passion for the sport with others, which drove me to create this online platform where you'll find quality MMA content and instructionals for anyone looking to level up.

I began training in Muay Thai 15 years ago and have since accumulated an amateur record of 24-2, and professional MMA record of 4-1. I love coaching other fighters, fighting professionally, helping others in their fight camp and training in gyms all over the world.

What’s included

Real & Effective Sculpting Workouts: We do the REAL training that WORKS and will have your body transform faster than doing At-Home workouts that are one size fits all and cardio-based...

This is the cure to overeating, stress eating, binge eating, and late-night snacking.. The reason you can't stick to a "diet" is that you are restrictive and NEVER satisfied! This protocol allows you to eat WHATEVER you want, keeping track of your macros & calories, and of course, your grocery list.

You have access to ME personally, coach Ellis. Not an assistant, not a customer support rep in India. ME. Instead of having to wait 24-48 hours for a response if you have a question...or worse, not being able to ask questions, I am here for you ALWAYS.


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Be it ring or life, being dangerous and confident about yourself are the best arms you can hold up. It takes effort, dedication and immense self focus. That's what the Fightin' Fit Academy is all about. Making you not only the best version of yourself, but also the most dangerous one.

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